Israeli Balladeer David Broza Returning to Toronto

Israeli balladeer David Broza, who has been compared to Leonard Cohen and Bruce Springsteen and whose signature songs range from Yihye Tov to Belibi, will perform at Koerner Hall in Toronto on Saturday, Oct. 26 at 8 p.m.

Returning to Toronto after a six-year absence, he will be followed by the Yemen Blues band after the intermission.

David Broza in Israel
David Broza in Israel

Known for his soulful lyrics, written in collaboration with journalist Jonathan Geffen, Broza sings in Hebrew, Spanish and English as he plays an acoustic guitar.

Born in Haifa in 1955, he’s the son of an Israeli folk singer and businessman. Broza spent his childhood in Britain and Spain, lived in the United States and is now based in Tel Aviv.

Since recording his first album, The Woman By My Side, he has made more than 20 albums, including Third Language and Night Dawn: The Unpublished Poetry of Townes van Zandt.