Marketing The Third Reich

Germans during the Nazi era were “the targets of the most vigorous, lucid and sophisticated public relations campaign ever conjured up in all of history,” writes Nicholas O’Shaughnessy in his substantive work,┬áMarketing the Third Reich: Persuasion, Packaging and Propaganda (Routledge), which follows on the heels of his first volume,┬áSelling Hitler: Propaganda and the Nazi Brand. […]


Joseph Goebbels: Nazi Radical

Joseph Goebbels, the minister of enlightenment and propaganda during the 12-year Nazi era, was probably Adolf Hitler’s most loyal deputy. Completely┬ádedicated to him and his vision of a fascist, antisemitic order in Germany, Goebbels looked upon Hitler as his idol. According to Goebbel’s latest biographer, Peter Longerich, a professor of modern German history at the […]