Pain And Glory

In his semi-autobiographical film, Pain and Glory, the 70-year-old Spanish director Pedro Almodovar conducts a critical examination of himself. In this respect, the title of the movie is appropriate. Salvador (Antonio Bandaras), the aging character who portrays him, has amassed acclaim in his industry, but now he suffers from a rash of debilitating ailments and … Read More


Julieta — Pedro Almodovar’s Latest Film

Pedro Almodovar’s Julieta, which opens in Canada on December 23, is a brooding, intricately-layered film exploring the vulnerabilities and fragilities of personal relationships.¬†Adapted from three short stories by the Canadian author Alice Munro, and set mostly in Madrid, it spans a 30-year period. Undercurrents of melancholy, even dread, course through it, and Alberto Iglesias’ soundtrack … Read More